Doing commissioned work pays the bill. It gives me the chance to meet new people and invest in new equipment. However important commissioned work is for me as a photography business there is simply nothing that beats the freedom of making your own stuff.

The creative process without anybody telling you what do, how to light and which colors to use is the ultimate way of creative expression as an artist. When that work is done I’ll submit it to various magazines both online and printed.

Here a list of the magazines that have published my work in the past…

  • The Only One Magazine, Storyteller editorial, August 2019
  • Piction Magazine Swimwear Edition, Tropical Icecream Dream Editorial, July 2019 N165
  • Picton Magazine, The Sass Class, Editorial, June 2019 N129
  • New Face Fashion Magazine, White Editorial, Issue 31, July ’19 Edition
  • Modellenland, Vintage Editorial, Editie 26 November 2018

Publications are recognition of your very existence as an artist

  • Modellenland, Editorial Editie 24 (Augustus 2018)
  • Vintage Fashion, Editie 18, 2018
  • Modellenland, Editie 37 (Juli 2018)
  • HS Magazine, Editie 1 June 2018