Kya - www.focus17fotografie.nl - before retoutching
Kya - www.focus17fotografie.nl - before retoutching
Joery Schenkers - Artist Photo - Retoutching after
Joery Schenkers - Artist Photo - Retoutching before
Model: Lisa - after retouching - www.focus17fotografie.nl
befor retouching - www.focus17fotografie.nl

Who does your retouching?

Depending on the project, in most cases I do the retouching myself. Only for larger project I work with a team of trusted retouchers.

What is included in the retouching service?

Retouching makes a good image superb. It can involve many things like: skin softening, eye retouching, doging and burning, local sharpening and softening, color grading, background manupilation and much more.

Can I have multiple versions of a image?

Yes of course. Options are color and Black and white for instance. It is also common to have multiple colored backgrounds for usage in a e-commerce environment this can be very useful.

Can I get the RAW Files?

In short “No”. The RAW files are the creators source files of which all other versions originate.

My name is Erik Bos. Retouching of portraits is something that can make an already good image really pop. A image really comes to life with some dodging and burning. A model skin becomes even more beautiful with some skin softening and eyes do pop out if they get a bit of attention as well.

Photoretouching is also very important for commercial photography. It can alter the mood of an image completely. This emphasizes the feeling a brand wants to communicate with its fans.

As a fahion- lifestyle- and portraitphotographer retouching is a big part of my job. I’m always asking the question what does my client want to communicate with this campaign. What kind of images, what mood, which colors help telling that story.

Let me help you create a story that emphasizes your brand identity.

@DieTim - Dutch Artist (management Marvin) - www.focus17fotografie.nl - after retouched
@DieTim - Dutch Artist (management Marvin) - www.focus17fotografie.nl - before retouched

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