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My studio is located in the beautiful and inspiring KAF-building. You can reach it by public transport. You can park your car in the nearby garage.

The studio measures 80 square meters. That is more than enough to build 3 sets or shoot with the flattering 200mm lenses. It’s also more than enough to accompany a large group.

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Do you have a story to tell?

A picture portrays so much more than words could ever do. Therefore the image better be good! Photography is all about storytelling through images. This is my craft and I can use it to strengthen your brand. So if you have something to say, let me make the image that speaks for its own.

I’m available at any time to work as a freelancer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can review my work to make sure I’m the qualified person for the job. Love to hear from you!

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Unique Selling Positions

What makes working with me special

People Orientated

You feel I am busy with you, not my camera or gear. I want you feel relax and I am putting effort in this to make it happen. From my experience, if you feel at ease you look your best!

My Services

Result driven

You know I want this your photos to be excellent. You know because, even if I want you to feel relax and at ease we will work our ass off to get the shots. After all when push comes to shove, the end results count.

My Services

Fast Retouching

Are you, like my curious of the results. You do not have to wait for weeks or months. Your digital photos will be ready within 48 hours. Digital images come by downloadable link (WE-Transfer).

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Advertising Campain Win Modelling Experience

Becomme a model. Win a Focus17Fotografie Fashion Shoot consisting of ten fully retouched (Level 2) images. Don't worry about a thing! Your styling and make-upmis our concern, we will take care of this. The shoot will be at my studio in Almere. If your under 18 your parrents must aprove.

WIN a Focus17Fotografie Fashion Shoot

To enter this competition just follow the two simple steps below.

Step 1: Use the button and share this website

Step 2: Leave a comment in the box telling me why you should win this experience. Make sure the checkbox is checked on

My Awesome Clients

It’s fun to be on set with my team and me. We work hard but also have great fun along the way. After each shoot I retouch your photos quickly so your project can move ahead. Read what others have to say about me!

Work Process

This is a global understanding of my work process. All phases are crucial in order for the end result to be a success. I use my creativity and no-nonsense approach to make sure your images look stunning and your story is told.


Planning & prepping

Photography is more than a beautiful shot, photography is storytelling. So, what story do you want to (s)tell? Knowing your final product helps plan and prep the necessary steps to accomplish this goal.
For instance location, hardware, a dream team and a timeframe.

All parties involved in making a production must sign a production agreement. This can be viewed in advanced here.



Styling is everything. I strongly believe in this statement. Styling brings everything together and makes your images pleasing to the eye.

To get the best styling for your project I work with many different professionals. Together we strive to make your vision become reality. The styling team includes a make-up artist, a hairstylist, a wardrobe stylist and if needed a light technician.


Shoot, Review & Publish

On set you have the possibility to watch the RAW files coming in. Usually the team also looks at the images so we can review them.
This saves a lot of time, therefore lowering the production costs.

After retouching we publish your project to your preferred taste. Either digital or printed on Fuji Professional Paper.

My Portfolio

This is me showcasing my photography. Let me know what you think of my work.

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African Fashion Project

African Fashion

Fashion & Commercial

Colors of Photography

Colors of Photography

Fashion & Commercial

Workshop Powdershot Juna Budie a dancer

Juna Budie


Kiemé and Dain

Kiemé and Dain

Commercial & Fashion

Lisa Heikens


Henk Henneweer BJJ